I won’t miss this

My bad knee isn’t very happy right now. It got quite unhappy with all that digging on Monday. Tuesday was much better, and Wednesday was pretty good.

Then yesterday I mowed the half of my lawn that was relatively dry. Today I mowed the rest of it and wacked the weeds. This job takes 3.5-4 hours all together. This is most definitely something I will not miss after the move. Based on the size of the yard, I’m guessing the combination of mowing & weed wacking will take less than an hour. I could be surprised, but I know I’ll cut my time by way more than half. Plus the new yard is relatively flat, unlike the hillside I currently live on.

Of course, there will be many things I’ll miss, too. Like sitting on my large, wraparound porch and listening to the birds.

In between mowing and enjoying the porch, I did get the warp for ZN & NZ measured & beamed yesterday.

ZN & NZ on the back beam

Today I got it threaded in both heddles and reed.

ZN & NZ threaded in the reed

I’ve done a few motifs to make sure I don’t have any threading errors, but my knee wants to rest, so that’s what I’m doing. Tomorrow I’ll get some weaving done. After I take a load of stuff to the dump — garbage, recyclables, and donations of clothing and other items that won’t be moving with me.

3 comments to I won’t miss this

  • Alma

    Hey, lady, take it easy once in a while, huh!!?? You’ve got miles to go before you sleep as far as everything that will take place this month, and, through it all, your health is the most important. Give yourself a break!

    Now – weaving – I thought the reds were enough until I saw the finished warp. Boy, does the turquoise make the red pop, and vice versa!

  • NZ

    Oh dear! I’m sorry to hear about your knee. I hope you have a good rest! ???

  • As the proud owner of a Crankee Knee of my own, I hear your pain and sympathize with you. Here’s hoping you feel better and better as time passes. I love the colors in this latest warp.

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