I’m leaving in just a few hours for my first ever MAFA conference. I registered back in November, over 7 months ago, so I guess you could say I’m eager. 🙂

I’m in Robyn Spady‘s Extreme Warp Makeover class, learning how to make 30 different fabrics from one tie up. Wow!

Neither of my floor loom is very portable, neither would fit in my little Yaris, and my rigid heddle wouldn’t do because I needed a minimum of 4 harnesses for the workshop, so I borrowed a 4H Mountain loom from one of my friends. We had 3 choices of threadings – overshot, rosepath, or huck. I specifically chose overshot since I’d never done that threading before.

I warped up the loom, learning – again – that every loom is different, and they all take their own unique movements and ‘tricks’ when warping and threading heddles. As always, I like my own looms best – I know exactly what I need to do with them to make my life easier.

Here’s the loom, along with the shuttles and fibers I’ll be bringing with me.
loom & yarn ready for MAFA conference

I am curious as to how it can possibly take 2-1/2 days to weave 3 yards of warp, which is all we needed to put on. I wound on about 4.5 yards, but still….

I still have to gather everything else I need, from clothing to pillows and towels, so I must go do that. RIGHT NOW!!

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