9 towels this week

I got those 3 log cabin towels hemmed and wet finished. Here’s one in its entirety.

I am still quite ambivalent about them. I chose yellow for the solid color because sometime, someplace, I heard that the most common paint color for kitchens is yellow. I think I would have liked them better if […]

Towels to come

I’ve finished weaving the 3 log cabin towels with yellow and that ‘confetti’ yarn. They’re cut off the loom but no hemming or wet finishing yet. I don’t think I either hate or love them, but I’m reserving judgement until they are wet finished.

I brought 9 towels to Cazenovia, but at least […]

More finishing and starting

You may have been curious about that last batch of hand painted silk. In the sink you saw that there was yellow in the warp, but in the photo of it being beamed, there was no yellow. What you saw being beamed was the first section I painted, before I added yellow to the […]

Twill block towels

Somehow I can’t stop weaving twill blocks. The straight edges & the contrast in the colors, they just draw me in. Apparently others, too.

My daughter asked me to weave a few towels for her to give as Christmas gifts. Sure, no problem. I gave her images of 6 weave patterns from my weaving […]

Yep, I was

Crazy, that is. I wove some more on the rayon chenille FLW warp, and decided it would not do what I wanted when it was all done, and that I could spend weeks weaving on something that wouldn’t make me happy. So I cut it off and tossed out the yarn. Paraphrasing Laura Fry, one […]