Kitchen table tale, part 2

Here’s the table after its 2nd coat of primer. Very white. Looking good. The online instructions (I looked at several and like this blog the best) said to let the primer cure for a day before sanding & applying the first coat of paint. So here it sits. Maybe 2 coats of paint tomorrow?


Kitchen table tale, part 1

In addition to needing rugs for 2 rooms, I also need a kitchen table & chairs, and another kitchen cabinet. (After measuring the space before I moved, I determined that my old table & chairs were simply too big for my new space; my buyers were really happy to have them so they stayed […]

A bold choice

My living room rug arrived today. I was a bit, um, apprehensive before I unrolled it. It was a bold choice. Would I like it in person?

Yes, I do!

And now my living room doesn’t echo anymore. It was worth spending all those hours online to find & pick this rug. I […]

Soft, hard, good

First the soft…it’s the water. Although I’ve taken showers at my daughter’s house here in Rochester over the years, I hadn’t fully realized how much softer the water is here than it was in my spring and then well in the sticks. It makes a noticeable difference in my hair — much softer than before. […]

Now I know

I’ve learned many new things in the past several days. Here are some of them.

I will close on my new house on Thursday, August 6. On that day I’ll go to Lowes to buy a frig (not included in my new house) and Sleep City to buy a mattress (not moving my old […]