What the heck???

Yesterday I took Jack out for his regular afternoon walk. It’s been very cold, so he usually chooses to walk only as long as absolutely necessary to accomplish his mission. The afternoon walk was once around the block, which was what this walk often is any time of the year. Fine.

We got back home […]

Spring Studio

I’ve been busy making my studio look like springtime, thanks to LV & AT.

As planned, on Thursday I started winding the warp for their custom baby wraps.

The colors, going from rose pale to jaune pale, then to vert pale, bleu pale and lilas, are so like Easter eggs.


More tools

I admit it. I don’t usually use a temple. (It’s a tool designed to pull the selvedges [sides] of the weaving out toward the sides of the loom.) I know plenty of weavers use them every single time. Me? I use one rarely. Mostly when I’m getting too much draw in (when the weft […]

Works for me

Work progresses. The photo shows me beaming the warp for CT & TS. From left to right in the photo the colors are royal, bleu, peacock, emeraude, lavande, magenta, and mauve pale. The blends going from the royal to the emeraude just pull my eye in every time.

I now have the warp threaded […]

New aprons

An apron isn’t just something you wear when you cook. In the weaving world, an apron is a piece of sturdy cloth that’s important to the functioning of your loom. A month ago I showed you the worn out, ripped apron on my Macomber. Instead of buying fabric and making new aprons, I took […]