Some weaving progress

For the last few weeks I’ve been spending lots of hours in front of my computer. Not my favorite way to spend my time, but needed right now.

I’m back to working on my Certificate of Excellence (COE), and in addition to 40 woven samples, it requires lots of written work, too. I feel like […]

Dyeing experiments

I’ve heard about dyeing with koolaid but hadn’t tried it. Then I read Karen’s post about speckle dyeing, and figured I’d try it on something small first. I’d recently finished knitting these socks. Very nice, but all white.

So I read a bunch of online how-tos, then went to the store and got […]

Darn it!

I really like to knit socks. And to wear hand knit socks. I think I have 8 pairs in my drawer. Some are getting old, which means worn. Although I would never dream of fixing store-bought socks, I’ve thought about learning to darn my hand knit socks for a while.

Earlier this week […]

A gift reveal

Way back in October I told you I was knitting, but I never told you what it was. I’m quite sure my nephew and his wife don’t read my blog, and this isn’t a Christmas present anyway, so I feel safe in revealing this gift. They are expecting their first child, and have remarkably […]

At loose ends

If you’ve ever bought a house and moved, you know there’s plenty of hurry up & wait that goes on. I’ve been packing a bit at a time for weeks, and am down to not being able to do much more till I have an firm close date and move date. I’ve already been […]