Getting happy

We all have bad days. I had a few in a row, and after waiting for my head to turn around on its own, I decided I had to do something to make it. For me, that’s almost always about action. Sometimes a wonderful walk will take care of it, sometimes it’s being around friends; […]

Harder than I expected

Back when I lived in the sticks I didn’t need or have any curtains on my windows, a feature that disconcerted some visitors but that I really liked. All the light that was outside came right in.

My little house in the city came with blinds on all the windows. Based on what […]

I’d forgotten

It’s been so long since I’ve woven lace, I’d forgotten just how much I like this weaving. Especially as scarves — they thread quickly, treadle easily, and the weaving just goes so fast! Plus I’m back on my sweet little counterbalance loom.

I used a variegated cotton warp and solid-colored rayon wefts, 2 in […]

Weaving for Me

I’m waiting for a few moms to make decisions on the colors for their baby wraps. I’m taking the down time between wraps to weave for me – or rather to weave things I think I need for my upcoming shows — one this coming weekend and one the last weekend in August.

You […]

Weaving Rayon Shawls

Other than the Community Weaving Project, I haven’t posted anything I’ve woven in quite a while For one thing, I haven’t been weaving frantically, as I often do, because my slow sales have taken the pressure off me. I’m enjoying the slower pace. It’s given me a chance to relax a bit, do some reading, […]