False starts

Moving forward on KY’s custom baby wrap, I got bout 4 wound. Not 4 colors like I’d said in my last post, but 3: chambray, bleu cobalt and bleu moyen.

Next step is to get it on the loom. I always do this under tension, using my version of a warping valet. (Unending thanks […]

My Black Friday

This is my idea of Black Friday. I’m working on a custom order for a solid black rayon chenille scawl. “A what?” you might ask.

I don’t know what else to call it. It’s wider than a scarf and narrower than a shawl, so for today I’m calling it a scawl.

The order […]

Update x 3

The calendar said April but it was still winter outside.

Inside the studio, it was all spring. The colors of these wraps are so positive and cheerful.

LV received her wrap on Wednesday, and immediately did a tandem wrap with her daughter and a friend!

On another front entirely, I completed my […]

Stop me before I dig again

Despite what I said on Wednesday, the weather Thursday was so beautiful that I had to go out and work in the yard. Besides, with rain coming, it only made sense to get some things in the ground, didn’t it?!

So first I dug up this small plot. Previously it held only violets, and it’s […]

Spring Studio

I’ve been busy making my studio look like springtime, thanks to LV & AT.

As planned, on Thursday I started winding the warp for their custom baby wraps.

The colors, going from rose pale to jaune pale, then to vert pale, bleu pale and lilas, are so like Easter eggs.