More Towels

My order of yarn for the baby wraps was scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, but there was a problem and it didn’t come. I knew the box wouldn’t be in my hands until late in the afternoon on Wednesday, so decided I’d put a towel warp on the loom while I was waiting. I [...]

Feeling Good

I’ve been making good progress indoors and out without making myself crazy.

I finished the warp of three silk ‘huck checkerboard’ scarves, one of which was a special order. The one with the natural weft, which I was hoping would show off the checkerboard pattern of the design, was a bit disappointing to me. [...]

Breaking the Rules

Sometimes I rebel against rules like a teenager, sometimes I find it hard to break them. I figure it’s my Gemini nature.

Earlier this month I set my goal (aka rule) to do two buckets a day of work in my garden. Although there were a few days when the rain prevented it, there [...]

Quickies…..sort of

So I got the 5 shawls woven. Four are now fringed, washed & dried, awaiting only pressing. One more to fringe and wash.

The other thing I really needed to weave before my show this weekend is bookmarks. I wound a warp of 44 ends of white 5/2 cotton and threaded up the [...]

April Towels Bring……

…frustration, in this case.

After fighting with the warp to get it beamed, I fought with it for most of the weaving, too.

I wove one towel & had to cut it off & re-tie because the warp was so poorly tensioned. All will be well now, I thought.


I had to weave [...]