I’d forgotten

It’s been so long since I’ve woven lace, I’d forgotten just how much I like this weaving. Especially as scarves — they thread quickly, treadle easily, and the weaving just goes so fast! Plus I’m back on my sweet little counterbalance loom.

I used a variegated cotton warp and solid-colored rayon wefts, 2 in […]

Out of my hands

Sometimes decisions are taken out of our hands. It’s just the way life is.

As planned, I finished weaving ML’s wrap today. Went to the shipment of Egyptian cotton I’d received for EL’s wrap and wound a bobbin. Then I started winding a second bobbin, when I finally paid attention to what my hands […]

New Year Looms, 2015

Every year Meg suggests that weavers post photos of their looms as they sit on New Year’s Day. I’ve played this little game for a few years now. Unlike Meg, who took some really cool, artsy-type shots of her looms this year, mine pix are very straightforward.

From smallest to largest:

My LeClerc rigid […]


Today was a productive day. That always makes me feel good. I got about 50″ woven on FB’s wrap. After the goof with the choke ties and the ensuing beaming difficulty, it was a pleasure to see that the warp is working well.

And now that I had that light bulb go off in […]

Back to Babies

After some delays, I’ve finally been able to get back to weaving my custom baby wraps. As always, I started by winding the bouts on my warping mill. HR, the warp designer, created a beautiful flow, using 10 colors — more than any of my moms to date. With gradients between each, there are only […]