Road Buddies

I’m quite a home body. I’m more comfortable staying in my little corner of the world than traveling. I think it’s the safety of the known versus the excitement of the unknown. Somehow I feel like my life includes plenty of excitement already, and plenty of unknowns. Little things mostly, but either I have an […]

Comfy Socks

Actually, these socks are the opposite of what I usually like in foot gear. I go in for dark-colored socks, socks that fit snugly, and socks that are really warm.

But somehow this loose, white, moderate-weight pair pleases me.

One reason is their amazing whiteness. And the fact that somehow they’ve managed to […]

Icicle in Mid-Air

You can just see the corner of the house in this picture — the only thing that can begin to explain how this icicle, unconnected to anything, is horizontally bisected by the clothesline. The weather was just right – that icicle hung there for days, catching the sun as the line moved in the […]

The Year That Was, Part I

The holidays aren’t even over yet, and I can’t express how great they’ve already been. My family was all together for the first time in years, and we had a wonderful time. Friends gathering added to the pleasure. After all, is there anything more important than family & friends? I think not.

I like […]

Northwest Rain Forest

A handful of years ago we trucked off to the Pacific Northwest. One of the must-see sights for me was a rain forest. I’ll freely admit that my only vision of a rain forest was something from the Amazon, and those in the northwest are quite different from that. Still, it was really beautiful there, […]