Hand Painted Weft

I finished KM’s custom baby wrap so it was time to start SB’s. She’s my first mom who decided on hand painted yarn for her weft.

This yarn was custom dyed for us by Susan at iowaweaver – the same woman who inspired my turned taquete towels! How cool is that?!

Looking at […]

1 Warp, 2 Different Wraps

I’m so glad I decided to cut off & toss that problem wrap last month. Weaving KC’s & CW’s wraps on the newly-wound warp was a piece of cake – a pleasure.

It went so well, in fact, that they’re off the loom, hemmed, washed & dried. I still have to hard press & label, […]

On ending and beginning

I got Summer’s baby blankets wet finished and binding sewn on. Then I got it with a stomach bug (thanks, R) that had me down – luckily only for 2 days – so the completed blankets sat waiting for me to get them in the mail.

As soon as I was able to do […]

Pinwheels Redux

I got Summer’s 2nd blanket on the loom. As it turned out I had plenty of yarn to weave the second blanket, so the cones of aquamarine & black I ordered just in case will be extra. I’m sure I’ll use them up soon enough.

Then, because I’m not celebrating Thanksgiving with my family […]

Not Again!

Laura Fry recently blogged about how her hands forget exactly how to move when she’s been away from her loom for too long — which can be just a few days, really. Since Laura’s one of my weaving idols, I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad when I make a bonehead mistake.


I […]