Babywearing Info

I’ve weave about 3 dozen custom baby wraps each year. All of the moms who order from me have experience with babywearing, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to provide some babywearing info, just in case.

I’m a member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, a group that helps keep those of us who make baby wraps (from individual weavers like me to large factories) informed of the current Federal requirements. They also offer services & education to moms and dads about safe babywearing.

Babywearing International is a non-profit that promotes babywearing around the globe. Lots of info, local chapters, educator accreditation, a blog, and more.

The LaLeche League has long been recognized for the quality of information it gives to new moms about breast feeding. For more than a decade they have also had sound information about the benefits of babywearing.

Most of the moms who order my custom wraps have older infants or toddlers. There are special considerations for carrying infants in babywraps, and parents need to be well informed.

The Baby Wearer provides lots of information about all aspects of, you guessed it, babywearing.