More towels coming

I finished the 10 towels on the Ukraine Support warp. Eight of them are in their new homes; I’m waiting for a check to arrive for the last two. I was able to donate $250 from these towels – yay!

finished Ukraine Support towel

But I started a new warp of 8. Almost the same, but I had to warp with the lighter yellow and blue this time to make sure I have enough yarn. I’m weaving with the darker colors. So they’ll ultimately look the same. I think. Let me know if you want one of these.

I also finished a shorter length at the end of the warp and stitched it into a flag for my yard. I’m happy to have this outside as a visible statement of my support.

Ukraine Support flag

I also finished and dropped off 10 Bead Bags for the month of April but forgot to take any pix of them. I’ve been thinking about my April woven hugs, but haven’t started formal planning yet. Gotta get the second towel warp off the loom. In fact, I have to go back there now. 🙂

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