Falling apart

On Wednesday as I was beaming my coral and turquoise warp I looked down and saw this on the floor under my Macomber.

found screw, side view

It’s a screw, but an unusual one. No point, so I think not a wood screw. Does that mean it’s a metal screw? I don’t have enough hardware knowledge to answer that question…do you?

found screw, top

Of course, I looked at every piece of connecting metal on my Macomber carefully, and found nothing that looked similar. Ok, so don’t worry about it.


Several days earlier I found the exact twin of this screw on the floor near my counterbalance loom. So now I have two of them.

Something is falling apart. Something in my studio. But what is it? I’ve checked out my ceiling fan; no screws that look anything like it. Nothing on my warping mill, which does get moved around. Little else in the studio to even look at.

Anyone got a clue? I’d like to find and fix whatever it is before it falls apart completely.

UPDATE: I asked my handy & clever son to read the post and give me his input. He said, “looks like a 1/4×20 machine screw.” Okay, but what might it be from? He has no clue.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I figured it out! While I was weaving I just kept looking around the studio and thinking…what could a machine screw be from? Finally the light bulb lit! I got up off my butt, turned over my drummer’s-stool-turned-weaving-stool, and there it was!

screw homes

I screwed in the 2 errant screws and tightened the other 2, which were also loose. Glad I found it, or soon I would have been on my butt unexpectedly!

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