Met my goal, plus

With my goal of 6-7 finished scarves or shawls per month, I’ve just met that for October. It’s possible that I’ll get 3 more done, but they may end up not getting finished until November.

In my last post I showed you 3 warps I’d hand painted. The first to go on the loom was the 5/2 bamboo. I chose a simple block twill weave; I just like this weave structure.

For the first scarf I used an 8/2 cotton weft that I’d immersion dyed a year ago that was waiting for the right opportunity to play. This was it. I like the way the sheen of the bamboo and the matte finish of the cotton play off each other. I also switched the size of the treadling blocks randomly. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, but I do.

hand painted bamboo and cotton scarf

I used a commercial 5/2 bamboo for the second scarf, and because I wasn’t sure if I’d like the random treadling, I used a consistent pattern for this one.

hand painted bamboo scarf

I had only enough warp left for a short cowl. I opted for a navy tencel, wanting it to make the warp colors pop. I also chose short treadling changes for this short piece. I was surprised that this is my least favorite of these 3 on this warp.

hand painted bamboo and tencel cowl

I also got those bumberet towels you saw me beaming in the last post woven and finished. I learned something with this warp…I prefer it when I have more of a main color predominating in the warp than I did in this one. They’re fine, just not my favs. From the top down, in the weft color order in which I wove them, you see blue, medium blue, pale green, periwinkle, peacock, mauve, aquamarine, and lilac.

8 handwoven towels

All of these towels, and a few others I have in stock, will go to the Weavers’ Guild Holiday Sale in a few weeks. History tells us that people like to have small purchase options, so I’m hoping the towels will do well there. Although I like making towels, they’re not big sellers at my show, so towels do not count toward my monthly goal.

In keeping with the small-items scenario, I decided to make polymer buttons for the Holiday Sale, too. I tried some new things, and there were lots of buttons that didn’t make the grade after baking.

broken buttons

I am happy with all those that did. I made a little leaf-vein etching on this set of 3…

3 etched buttons

…and did what I think is neat striping on some.

4 striped buttons

I decided to paint a glaze on the buttons for a finished look that I prefer, and turned them into button lollipops for 2 coats of glaze front and back.

button lollipops being glazed

Once they were all done I had to develop packaging that would show them well. I printed on cardstock, sewed the buttons to it (a task that took much longer than I’d anticipated), inserted it into a cellophane bag, stuck my business card in the back, and closed the bag with decorated tape. We’ll see if they sell.

3 packages of buttons

After this show I will put any towels and buttons left up in my Etsy store, and try to get some more photographic views of woven scarves and shawls to post, too.

3 comments to Met my goal, plus

  • OMG, those buttons with the stripes….LOVE them. Will any be appearing on your Easy site along with the towels? I love weaving towels, and runners and such. I even like weaving pillowcases but they get a bit boring.
    How’s buddy Jack?

    • Peg Cherre

      Theresa – I will post any buttons that don’t sell on my Etsy page. If they go like hotcakes, maybe I’ll make more just for Etsy – I enjoyed doing it.

      Jack’s doing okay. Vet had me change his food in an attempt to get his weight down a bit. So far, I’m just happy that he likes it! He needs some dental work that is scheduled for December. Other than that, Jack will always be Jack. Sweet, shy, anxious.

  • Alma

    A giant-sized WOW for you!! October’s quota has been met and we’re not even finished yet! Hooray!!!

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