Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

That’s what my weaving life has been like today.

Weave.  Unweave.  Repeat.

Last evening I wove about 4″ of the watery silk warp with the green weft. Then I remembered that I already have an undulating twill silk scarf with this green weft. Plus the beginning selvedges were nasty. Plus 3 of my trusted commenters liked another weft. So unweave all that.

green watery weft

I started again with the silvery blue weft. Much nicer. Got 4-5″ woven and thought, since it was to have some vague representation of water, I’d try randomly varying the treadling, giving the whole thing some movement like water in a creek. Wove another 3+” and decided I hated that, so unweave.

Then I had to take a lay-down break. Some time yesterday I somehow pinched a nerve in my upper back. I’d taken some ibuprophen a few times, and it just needed to rest and be iced. So I did that.

Still, I got a little over half of the first scarf woven today. I am LOVING it!

silvery blue watery weft

Joelle asked for the weaving draft, so here it is for all.
undulating twill draft

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