4 more shawls

Picture the golden glow of an Autumn evening, balanced by the colors of turning oaks, maples, and birches. Add the sheen and drape of rayon chenille, a luxurious 24″ wide and 72″ long, and here’s what you have.

rayon chenille earth tones shawl, light

Above is the shawl with a light weft, the same golden color as is on the left side of the warp. I wove the second shawl with a dark brick weft, the same as is on the right side of the warp.

rayon chenille shawl, earth tones, dark

The difference between the two is striking when you see them together.

rayon chenille earth tones shawl comparison

As soon as I had these two shawls off the loom I immediately warped it up for two rainbow shawls, again in rayon chenille.

rayon chenille rainbow shawl

I am officially done with rayon chenille shawls, at least for now. I am going to weave some rayon chenille scarves. I kind of have to. In my quest to use up my stash, I am pressured by eight bins full of cones of rayon chenille. Eight. Full. It’s going to take me quite a while to use up all that. I have four bins of cotton and three bins of silk. My rayons are on shelves in my barrister’s bookcase, but if they were in bins I’d guess they’d be another three or four bins. And those are the cones. I have five bins of balled yarns in a variety of fibers, mostly yarns that were hand painted in skeins by another fiber artist. And then there’s a few miscellaneous bins, like one of mohair, one of cotton chenille, and one of assorted wools. Have you done the math? That’s 25 bins of yarn.

I’ve got my work cut out for me.

6 comments to 4 more shawls

  • So pretty! You have been busy.

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Theresa & Alma. I like the lighter autumn much better than the darker one, and these aren’t my very favorite rainbows, but I like them better than either of the autumns.

  • Beautiful shawls – I just love rayon chenille. Some weavers have told me chenille is so ‘out’ when I weave with it…….tell my customers that, they still love it as much as I do.

    I’ve done a lot of color blending across the warp of chenille scarves in the past and have had it on my to-do list for this fall. You’re getting me really enticed to get going on that……..

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Cindie. Like everything else, desires for certain fabrics or colors comes and goes. Since I can’t predict what my customers will and won’t like, I do my best to weave a variety of fabrics and colors. Rayon chenille is usually a good seller in fall and winter….but sometimes not. 😉

  • Tobie

    Nice to see how one works thru a stash. I am trying to do the same with knitting yarn and spinning fiber. I don’t have too much weaving yarn.

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