Soft, hard, good

First the soft…it’s the water. Although I’ve taken showers at my daughter’s house here in Rochester over the years, I hadn’t fully realized how much softer the water is here than it was in my spring and then well in the sticks. It makes a noticeable difference in my hair — much softer than before. […]

New Studio!

Truth be told, I could have posted as early as Tuesday, but as you might imagine, I’ve been a tad busy. 🙂

The movers transported all (most, really) of my belongings on Saturday. I can’t say enough good things about them — Interior Moving — use them if you have the chance.

I also […]

Radio Silence

Just a quick post…as of this morning I have no TV or internet at old house…cancelled my service. Not exactly sure when I’ll have it live at my new house. So don’t expect to see any posts from me, or get an email response, for the next few (several?) days.

Brought my laptop to the […]

Wrap planning

I thought it might be enlightening for both baby wrap moms and weavers to see what’s involved in preparing a yarn order for my baby wraps. To make the yarn purchases most cost effective and to get a decent supply on hand, I always order the yarn for 2 warps (usually 4 baby wraps) […]

Now I know

I’ve learned many new things in the past several days. Here are some of them.

I will close on my new house on Thursday, August 6. On that day I’ll go to Lowes to buy a frig (not included in my new house) and Sleep City to buy a mattress (not moving my old […]