Kitchen table tale, part 2

table post prime

Here’s the table after its 2nd coat of primer. Very white. Looking good. The online instructions (I looked at several and like this blog the best) said to let the primer cure for a day before sanding & applying the first coat of paint. So here it sits. Maybe 2 coats of paint tomorrow?

Yesterday afternoon my wonderful son stopped by. He checked out my problematic gutter. It was mostly clean, just a glob of leaves right at the top of the downspout that caused the problem. Then he looked at the garage floor stream. It’s totally clear that the problem is that there’s a pretty good downward slope from my neighbor’s garage to mine. Water flows downhill, so there you have it.

garage slope

We decided it made sense to take the fix in a few steps. Step 1: put a gutter on that side of my garage. There’s one on the other side, why not on this side? Who knows? I have a telephone estimate of only $100, so I’m gonna go ahead and schedule that, since we’re looking at several weeks out. If needed, step 2 will be to get my neighbor to put a gutter on that side of his garage. If it’s just $100 and it solved the problem, I’d pay for that. It seems to me that if we get rid of the roof runoff from the two garages, the amount of rain that falls between the two won’t be very significant. If 2 gutters don’t solve the problem, I’d have to go to step 3: put in drain tile on that side of the garage. Not a cheap or easy fix, so I’m hoping we don’t get there. I would like to get the problem solved before winter if possible, ‘cuz I fear bad issues with ice if I don’t.

I’m off to open a local bank account. (My old bank doesn’t come this far north.)

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  • Judy T

    How wonderful that you have two such awesome kids around! Yeah – a new house is always full of surprises for a while. We found every new season brought us a few surprises. May most of yours be good ones and may the not-so-good ones always be easy and inexpensive to resolve!

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