Zing Bling

zing bling tabby infinity scarf

Some months ago I bought some ‘zing string’ — cotton thread with hand-tied beads strung along it. I haven’t had time to use it till now. This is a plain weave scarf, cotton warp, rayon weft, with the zing string adding some bling at random intervals. I wove two scarves with the silver rayon weft & plain weave.

Actually, the first one on the warp had a black cotton weft and I wove in lace blocks with the bling randomly placed. It was fine, but when I tried the tabby with the silver rayon, I knew I’d do the other 2 scarves in that.

zing bling lace infinity scarf

Off the loom, I like them both. I like the black better than I thought I would, actually. But I showed you the tabby first because the bling shows up better. I sewed all 3 into infinity scarves.

I did a bunch of ‘not-weaving’ today. Although I wasn’t wasting time, I’ll be darned if I can tell you exactly how the day went – beyond seeing a black bear cross the road 63 steps in front of me on my morning walk!

I’m calling this weaving draft I came up with for my next warp of 3 scarves corkscrews & waves.

corkscrews & waves weaving draft

I got 262 ends of 20/2 natural silk measured, beamed, and threaded on the Macomber. I have all of about 6″ woven…enough to know I don’t have any threading errors. I hope I can get all 3 scarves woven tomorrow.

Here’s a funny thing….I intended to start & end the scarves with the ‘corkscrews’ at the top of the draft because I like them better than the ones on the bottom; I think they have more movement. But is that how I treadled the beginning of the first scarf? Noooo! I’ll end it the same way I started, and do the 2nd scarf in the way I intended. I hope. 😉

4 comments to Zing Bling

  • Ellie

    Stunning infinity scarves! I can see the black weft with blocks more clearly than the other. Love the dark stripe placement. Wonder if you use fibronaci to plan your stripes. Always so balanced and harmonious. Lovely! Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Ellie. I don’t use fibonnaci, but I made up a 64-thread gradient transition for all those baby wraps. I’m happy with it, so keep using it.

  • Laurie barham

    Hi Peg:

    I am a new weaver and would love to try your corkscrew and waves pattern but cannot read the draft. Somehow, I can’t get enough clarity to distinguish the threading and tie up. Will you share a clearer copy?

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