There’s a reason we don’t use Roman numerals anymore. It’s so much quicker and easier to say 49 & 50 than XLIX & L. Unless, of course, you’re running a super bowl. Then, Roman numerals are apparently a must. I’m sure if it wasn’t for super bowl, only 4th graders would have a clue what the Roman numerals mean.

Then again, they probably don’t teach them in schools anymore. Heck, they’re not even teaching cursive writing anymore! But I’m not going to climb on my penmanship soapbox here.

Anyway, yesterday & today I wound the warp for my 49th & 50th baby wraps. Seems like a milestone that should be acknowledged. PW & JJ are warp sisters for this. Like a few of my other wraps, these two moms don’t know each other; they’re joined by their love of their children and handwoven fabric. I love that!

Here are their four bouts (bunches of warp threads) on the warping mill.

PW & JJ, bout 1

PW & JJ, bout 2

PW & JJ, bout 3

PW & JJ, bout 4

PW designed this warp, and it looks great! I’m almost done beaming it (winding it on the back beam of the loom) in this shot.

beaming PW & JJ's warp

From left to right the warp colors are dark mauve, mauve, magenta, cream, turquoise, cobalt blue, medium blue, and navy.

Tomorrow I’ll start threading.

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