TA already has 2 of my handwoven baby wraps. But she was the ‘sister’ on both of those. That is, she wasn’t able to choose the warp colors, only her weft color & weaving pattern. She wanted a chance to start from the beginning.

Today I was able to finish weaving that second bling scarf AND wind all four bouts for TA’s warp. (I’m so happy that my knee didn’t hurt! I can’t usually stand for that long without ending up in pain. YAY for happy knees!)

I’m really liking the subtlety in the transition from one warp color to the next…

The first bout is aquamarine to turquoise – CORRECTION: aquamarine to peacock.
aquamarine to turquoise warp

Then turquoise to bleu moyen – CORRECTION: peacock to bleu moyen.
turquoise to bleu moyen warp

Next bleu moyen to charcoal.
bleu moyen to charcoal warp

And finally charcoal to mauve.
charcoal to mauve warp

The 3 blues are more different in person than they are in these photos, but still subtle. And the charcoal to mauve also has some subtlety. I think this will be a really stunning piece when it’s woven!

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