Christmas Gifts

I promised to show you the gifts I made for adults for Christmas. It started with a request from my daughter for a pair of knitted boot cuffs. I like doing cables, so I figured all I had to do was get some idea of the number of stitches I needed and design some cables. Easy peasy. I knit them in 2 colors so she can decide if she wants light or dark to show.

I wasn’t satisfied with just one pair. But I didn’t want to make them in the same pattern. I floated around the web looking for another pattern I thought would look good, and settled on this waffle weave. Again, knit it in 2 colors.

knitted boot cuffs

Despite how they look, the cable knit has 2 MORE stitches around than the waffle knit. I assured my daughter that I’d re-knit either pair if they didn’t fit…so far, so good.

Moving on, I’d seen a scarf in the Signals catalog that spurred an idea…I can make something like that, I said. So I went to Joann’s and bought some faux fur and got out my sewing machine. The way to sew it in real life wasn’t the way it was in my mind, so I had to take some stitching out and do the finish hand sewing differently than planned, but overall it was relatively quick & easy.

fur infinity scarf

Then, I decided I’d weave a rayon chenille scarf each for my son & son-in-law. I used 2 grays & a black for the warp. Gray weft for one, black weft for the other.

gray & black rayon chenille scarves

I also gifted a bunch of my handwoven towels. No more shots of them here – you’ve already seen them.

I was happy to be able to make so many Christmas gifts this year!

4 comments to Christmas Gifts

  • Judy T

    Lovely one and all! And you’re right – isn’t it grand to be able to make gifts! How special! I managed to make a ferw things this year for gifts. I really love how your toys turned out. I did make some fabric padded baby books this year, but the only real toy I made this year was a little sock baby for Luca. Remember how Lynn dragged around that little blue sock baby everywhere for years? We’ll see if Luca likes his… : )

    • Peg Cherre

      I definitely remember that sock baby, Judy. I also remember trying to make one once and ultimately throwing it out it was so bad. Hopefully Luca will like his.

  • Gorgeous handmade lovelies for the loved ones in your life. How wonderful. Happy 2k15-may your dreams meet your expectations. And each step we take lead the way to Peace.

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Lynda. I’m with you on moving toward peace. I’m heartened by hearing more individuals and groups speaking similarly and discouraged by how much we humans invest in war.

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