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You already saw the falling leaves shawls. Well, I decided to dress one of them up with some beaded fringe.

shawl with gemstone beaded fringe

I decided that the colors in the shawl lent themselves well to the use of some of my little gemstone beads, so used garnets, carnelians, and citrine. Plus some glass seed beads that mimic the twisted silk. I didn’t bead the entire fringe, but instead did 3 gems at each selvedge, 3 gems at 1/4 and 3/4 of the width, and 5 gems in the center. Here’s a detail of the center.

center beading detail

I told you I had woven 2 other silk shawls but they were waiting for fringing, wet finishing, and pressing. I used an 8H snowflake twill weaving pattern. The first I wove in a silver lilac silk-linen blend. The weaving pattern is very subtle, but I think beautiful.

silk shawl with silver lilac

As always, the pattern is so much clearer on the loom, when I’m very close to it with a bright light. You can see it better in this closeup.

silver lilac closeup

To make this one more special, I beaded the fringe. I added 3 Swarovski crystals at each selvedge, with seed beads all along the edge. I really like this one.

beaded silk with crystal

The second I wove in what seemed like a bold red-violet. It sure got toned down with the natural silk in this pattern.

red-violet silk shawl

And a close up.

red-violet closeup

I know it’s the kiss of death to sales when I say I bet I sell both this weekend, but I’m saying it anyway. 🙂

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