Rainbows for Baby

When I’m weaving a custom baby wrap, mom picks all the colors, color orders, and weaving pattern. I haven’t had any requests that I don’t like, but some just hit a personal high note with me. This is one of those.

E. chose these colors and color order, and since I warp for 2 […]

Color Blocking

I admit it. I’m a Project Runway junkie. Whether it it’s the original, Project Runway All Stars, or now Project Runway: Under the Gunn, I’m at my TV to watch it. It’s not uncommon to see some variation on color blocking in the designs.

Although that wasn’t what was in my mind when I […]

Just Browsing

The other day I enjoyed about 1/2 hour of watching a group of six deer calmly munching their way around my yard.

My crab tree, which retained a lot of fruit, was a particular favorite.

These two spent some time there. Then one wandered away and the deer that was left decided to spend […]