Woven Skyline

I’m going to start by saying that I am happy with this clasped weft scarf, but not happy enough to send it to the Roycroft jury. I plan to make another, going even slower and more carefully. I do think it’s a great concept, and I am definitely not done with clasped weft. (I wove 2 clasped weft scarf with baby alpaca after this. Both much quicker and easier to get right, neither my ultimate show piece for the jury. I’ll probably show you these later.)

Without further ado, here’s the entire length of Skyline #1. I took this shot before wet finishing.
woven skyline #1

After wet finishing, I decided you might like to see details. I’m showing you from one end to the other, but you’ll notice it’s backwards from the full-length view; I wasn’t careful for the photo set up and laid it out the other way for the photos.

I purposely ‘overlapped’ the images by one building so you can see how it all fits together. Here goes.

skyline #1 closeup 1

skyline #1 closeup 2

skyline #1 closeup 3

skyline #1 closeup 4

skyline #1 closeup 5

You might notice that I hadn’t yet hemmed the scarf when I took the photos. This was a mistake. I should have done the hemming prior to washing and drying. I am not happy with the hem, even though I did each end twice, cutting off and running another machine stitch when I didn’t like it the first time. Again, good enough to sell for sure, not good enough for the hands-on Roycroft jury.

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