Christmas Towels #1

I got my first batch of towels for Christmas hemmed and pressed at about 8PM Saturday night, just about 12 hours before I needed to put them in gift bags and then into my car for a family holiday celebration. Not that I was cutting it close or anything. 🙂

Sunday morning I photographed everything, without a lot of time to make sure the photos all turned out as well as I’d like. What you see is the best I have.

Everyone is getting two towels that are the same but different. That is, the same yarns in both warp & weft, but different weaving patterns. Most had the same tie up, too, just different treadling. They all obviously have the same warp – a solid cream 8/2 unmercerized cotton.

These set of two, to my nephew and his bride of 6 months, is a waffle weave (my first attempt – a 4H) and a twill, both using a barberpole variegated weft.

handwoven oatmeal towels #1

The next set, to my niece and her husband of 2 months, is another waffle weave and a different twill, all with the same barberpole weft.

handwoven oatmeal kitchen towels  #2

Next came a set for my middle sister, who lived through weddings of both her kids this year and a move to a new house, then hosted our holiday get-together. What a woman! Her towels have weft of Fox Fiber, that colorgrown cotton that deepens with use.
handwoven kitchen towls, fox fiber

I was bored with all the neutrals by that time, so my oldest sister got some color in hers! Her kitchen is also neutral colors, but I didn’t care. She got a medium blue weft.

handwoven towels with blue

Now I have to do the tiny bit of hand stitching along the side of the hemmed edge and hard press some more today to bring with me tomorrow.

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