Pinwheels for May

April and May are generally good months for wind. The weather is changing and with it comes, at the very least, breezes. It’s often time to take your kite to an open field, or go in your backyard with a pinwheel.

With that in mind (okay, not really, but it makes for good text) I decided to weave another warp of four 8-harness black & white pinwheels. They really are eye catching.
handwoven pinwheels scarves

It’s pretty amazing how different the 8-harness vs. 4-harness pinwheels turned out.

Now, in addition to having more harnesses to do more twirls with the pattern, and having less contrast in the colors, I had sett the 4H scarves at 21 threads per inch. The 8H scarves are 18 threads per inch. I intended to sett them at 21, but when I pulled out my records from my prior 8H pinwheels I had sett them at 18 and they turned out fine (not too long floats, not too unstable cloth) so I did that again this time. Again I’m happy with them, so if I decide to do 4H pinwheels again I will sett them at 18, too.

Back to my first show of the season for the second day in just a few minutes. Hopefully we’ll be busier today.

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