Fire in the Hills

I don’t recall ‘naming’ a series of scarves before, but this warp of four called its name out to me repeatedly: Fire in the Hills.

The Tencel warp only 3 colors: spice, curry, & gold. In between the solid colors I’ve tried the every-other-thread blending technique. I wasn’t sure I was crazy about it until I started weaving. Then I knew it worked well.

First I wove a scarf with a sienna weft. It created a lovely golden tone across the scarf. I like the fact that it works with each of the colors without exactly matching any of them.

handwoven scarf - fire in the hills with sienna

That worked so well I went for another coordinating weft color, this time cayenne. I really love it – everything’s a lovely orange color. I liked it so much I wove two with this weft.

handwoven scarf-fire in the hills with cayenne

For the final scarf in the run I debated. Would I do another sienna or try something different? I opted to try a darker color. This time I used burgundy.

handwoven scarf-fire in the hills with burgundy

The sienna & cayenne scarves are relatively true to color; the burgundy looks much muddier in the photo than in real life. I tried several times with different settings and at different times of day. This is the best I could do.

I’m quite happy with my weaving progress during April. At the end of March I was 24 scarves behind the number I’d woven at that point last year. At the end of April I was only 6 scarves behind. Whoppee! Obviously I wove more than I blogged. You’ll see them all eventually.

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