I’m honored

Meg Nakagawa, a weaver in Nelson, New Zealand, blogs at Unravelling. Her life is quite different from mine, so I enjoy reading about her weaving, her family, and her community.

Meg has organized a variety of weaving challenges/exchanges over the years. Although the timing has never been right for me to participate, I know that one day I will. She’s also organized such fun memes as A Day In The Life Of Looms every January 1, when blogger around the globe are encouraged to post pix of their looms in all their glory. Or their use as coat racks. Whatever.

She’s offered a guest spot on her blog to weavers who want to share why they weave. I sent her an entry and kept my fingers crossed.

She chose me! Yay! Go to Meg’s blog to read my take on the topic.

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