Ah, spring!

The weather has been just beautiful since I’ve been home on my mini vacation. I have been doing just what I said I would – weaving and weeding. And reading. Good things all three.

The radar map tells me that we should get some actual rain today, as opposed to the promised-but-never-delivered rain of the last several days. That will be great – we’re too dry.

As the days progress, more of my flowering shrubs are sharing their beauty, as the blossoms fade on others.


weigela beautifies the bottom of my driveway

So now I have new current favorites :^). Clearly I’m fickle, preferring whoever’s showy at the moment.

weigela closeup

up close, the weigela knocks your socks off

I do treat them all the same, however. A little attention, a lot of benign neglect. If you can’t live on that, you’re doomed in my yard.

Although my snowmound spirea isn’t the most prolific of the many spirea varieties, I find it lovely nonetheless.

snowmound spirea

snowmound spirea

This old fashioned shrub rose is AMAZINGLY prolific!

shrub rose

old fashioned shrub roses creates a driveway barrier

If smells could come through the internet, you’d melt at how wonderful these roses smell. Because there are so many of them, the rose aroma is powerful! And if you go back and see what this shrub looked like in our April snowfall, you’ll know how strong the bush is, too.

rose closeup

rose with a few raindrops

Unfortunately, I have a mock orange with little to no aroma. Some are very aromatic, but not mine. I’m told that the only way you can know for sure which type you’ll get is to buy it when it’s in flower. That’s the worst time to transplant something! Plus I didn’t know that in advance.

mock orange

mock orange 'snows' its petals generously

No matter, it’s beautiful.

mock orange closeup

mock orange beauty

Even though it doesn’t flower, I like this little shrub, too. The emerald & gold euonymous adds color all year.

emerald & gold euonymous

emerald & gold euonymous

I’ve planted two others in other gardens, but neither did well. Sometimes I see them just huge. Not in my yard. The one you see here is more than 10 years old. So while I won’t plant more here, I do like this one.

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