Rigid Heddle Pick Up Weaving

Remember way back in January when I showed you a little bit of what I had on my rigid heddle loom? Well, I finally finished weaving the entire warp. I had to cut it off before it was completely done because my cloth beam was full.
rigid heddle mini designs

I made lots of little pick up designs. Some are small enough to fit into little magnetized photo frames, others are large enough to fit into window cards. I bought the frames & cards to have small items available in my booth at a particular fall show. I thought the weaving would be quick so I could sell the finished products inexpensively. HAH! Pick up designs are not quick, particularly when, like me, you don’t want a lot of the same thing so you have to keep coming up with new designs.

Everything I’m showing you now still has to be machine stitched on all 4 sides to make sure it doesn’t unravel, pressed, and then put into its finished format. More time.

Next time I try this concept (and there will be a next time) I’m not doing pick up! I’ll make lace, or little overshot designs, or something I can do on one of my multi-shaft looms.

I’m not commenting on each of the designs – they’ll have to speak for themselves. Some worked much better than others; you’re not seeing the complete flops here, so just imagine what they look like!

pick up snowflakes

pick up hearts

pick up triple hearts

pick up single trees

pick up trees, triangle

pick up single carrots

pick up double carrots

pick up eggplant

pick up single flowers

2 versions of flowers

pick up triple flowers

pick up butterfly

pick up design

pick up circles

pick up triangles

I’m really not happy with these candy canes, and likely won’t use them.
pick up candy canes

But I did like the outside diamonds, so tried a different interior. Much better.
pick up diamonds

I decided I wanted to try a clasped weft. This small format seemed the perfect time to give it a shot.
clasped weft 1

I like it!
clasped weft 2

I read the weaving blogs in my blogroll for inspiration. All these weavers stretch my mind and imagination. Others do too, of course, but I find them in places other than the blogosphere. Two years ago Ngaire, over at Dust Bunnies, made this AMAZING full-size piano keyboard scarf in rayon chenille. No way I was going to attempt that, but thought I’d try a small bit. Too much white showing, but other than that, I’m pretty happy with it.
clasped weft piano

I haven’t yet figured out what I have to sell either the magnets or the cards for. Hope it’s something reasonably affordable. If not, I’ll try another concept.

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