Cayenne Scarves

After the Poinsettias, next I wove Tammy’s Cayenne colorway. Despite several attempts at photographing them, and plenty of time spent in Photoshop adjusting the color, I can’t seem to get the colors in the photo to match real life. I have noticed that it tends to be particularly difficult to get red right. I wonder why?

In any case, here are the Cayenne scarves.
handwoven scarves, bamboo-cotton, Cayenne

On the left is a scarf with Cayenne for both warp & weft. As usual, it has a roughly plaid look, minimized because I used a twill weave. Had I woven tabby, the plaid would be more pronounced.

For the scarf in the center I used a solid dark reddish-brown (or brownish-red) cotton. Personally, I like this one the best of the three. The colors play nicely together, and I’m happy with the pattern I developed.

cayenne scarf draft

For the last scarf in the warp, I thought I’d try punching up that pattern with black cotton. Just with the darkest Poinsettia scarf, this one didn’t have the final outcome I wanted. As you can see, I decided to alternate the treadling on this scarf, too. I’m okay with that pattern, but I prefer the solid treadling.

I think I need to back off a bit with all of my color experiments, go back to the successes I’ve had in the past. I do like the weaving pattern, though, and will use it again.

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