True Confessions

Hello. My name is Peg and I’m a nag. At this age, much less so than previously, and of course only when I’m right (grin), but still, I’m a nag.

I fear Margaret bears the brunt of my nagging. She puts up with it gracefully, knowing that sometimes she’s in need of nagging.

When I awoke this morning, I was greeted by a beautiful scene Mama Nature had painted overnight, laying down a brand new layer of fresh, wet snow. It outlined every branch. It was still dark so I needed to turn on an outside light to see it.
snow on the hillside
I called Margaret and made her look out her window, too. Gorgeous, we agreed.

After an hour or so, the sky was a solid gray, the lighting just perfect to make a lovely holiday scene on this Christmas Eve eve. I called Margaret back and told her that she should hang up and get out her drawing paper and pencils. Then I left for my walk with little Red. It was STUNNING outside!

As I walked I realized I gave her the wrong message. Drawing was great, but what she really needed to do was use that brand new digital camera that’s been in a box in her living room since June. There was too much beauty to pass up, and if this wasn’t enough motivation to do it, I didn’t know what would be.

echinacea snow caps

With the two of us at our respective homes so I couldn’t point to things and say, “push this” it took some time for her to figure out how to get the batteries and memory card in, more time to figure out how to snap a photo, and longer to figure out how to look at the pictures she’d taken, but ultimately, we got it done. YAY!! I’m sure she’ll do some experimenting now.

yucca in snow

At least I hope she will. It may take more nagging on my part.

I’m heading for the shower now so that I can leave in an hour to celebrate my first family Christmas of the season. So looking forward to it!

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