Out With The Old

My clever son built me a new rack for my coned yarn. (You’ll see that later.) It’s wonderful. And big. In order to make room for it, something had to go.

I spent last night assembling and organizing this sweet little computer desk.
new computer desk

I really like to assemble things, so that was fun. I must say, however, I found it humorous that the directions told me to read through them thoroughly before starting to assemble, then there wasn’t a single word in the assembly instructions, only pictures. Nice joke, guys! 🙂

Anyway, putting the new desk together was the easy part. I had to make space for it in the dining room cum jewelry-making room. That meant some cleaning. Ugh!

Then came the really hard part. I had to go through everything on the big, old computer desk…
old computer desk
…and figure out what was garbage, what had to be saved and put somewhere, and what had to be moved to the new location. Double ugh!

Obviously, it all got done. I moved the old desk out on to the porch, posted it on Freecycle, and someone will come and pick it up today. The downsizing feels good and the new look is much cleaner, and plenty of space to hold my MacBook!

Now I can clean the old space, move the cone holder, and load it up!

Your turn: has spring, or new furniture, pushed you to clean things long neglected?

3 comments to Out With The Old

  • Lucky you to have a new rack coming for your coned yarn. I’ve found that most assembly directions do have pictures only — it is easy to span the language gap that way, I guess. Had not heard of Freecycle – need to look up whether that works in my area. I’ll definitely be doing some spring cleaning and have some ‘out with the old’ to do, too.

    • Peg Cherre

      Guess I haven’t assembled anything in a long time, Jackie — last time there were words as well as pix. I agree, it does help overcome the language problem.

      I LOVE Freecycle! I’ve had people come and pick up an amazing array of things that I no longer wanted. From work benches to hockey sticks, an old satellite dish to silverware. It’s all good to someone, and I think it’s in most areas.

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