Fishy Scarf

I finished the light blue-medium blue shadow weave scarf, and I’m about as happy with it as I expected to be. Which isn’t much.
blue rayon scarf, shadow weave

As you can see from the photo, the light and angle has to be just right to see the pattern at all. All that work for so little benefit.

BUT, I got a really pleasant surprise on the green scarf.

First, I should mention that I was a bit surprised by how the colors turned out. On the cones, the 2 blues and the green each looked quite clear. On the loom, when the green crossed the blues, everything took on quite a yellow cast in real life, just as it did in the computer draft.

After it was wet finished, I got a big WOW!
blues & greens rayon scarf

Not only did those yellow casts fall to the background, the scarf is almost iridescent! The natural sheen of the rayon takes over, and the colors just shine endlessly as the light catches them.

This picture can’t portray it as well as as I’d like, but to me, this scarf is very reminiscent of a fish, both in color and the diamond/fish scale design. Not a brook trout, ’cause they have pinks in them, too, but some other kind of fish that hides well in the blue & green water, then shines beautifully when it’s in your net.

I had expected to feel pretty ambivalent about this scarf, but not so. I really like it.

So what did I learn? That I better try some other rayon combinations to see if I can get some other great iridescent effects!

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