My New Favs – Handwoven Rayon Scarves

Back in July I took a great, if short, vacation with my kids to Asheville, NC. While we were there, we made a trip to Earth Guild, a store catering to hand weavers, spinners, and knitters, plus some other beautiful hand work. Never having heard of Earth Guild before, stopping there was somewhat of a crap shoot.

Am I glad we went!

Living in the sticks as I do, I’m generally forced to buy all my fibers online. In some cases, like Tammy’s hand painted yarns, I’ve plenty of experience to know that I’ll get great quality. Getting yarn from a new supplier is a bit dicier. So getting a chance to see and feel Earth Guild’s yarns was a real treat for me. I bought so much that I had to totally rearrange my luggage and hope that my newly-formatted carry on wouldn’t get me in trouble at the airport.

Well, I just finished the first three scarves with Earth Guild’s wonderful Dragon Tale rayon yarns, and am I impressed! I know I always like my latest work best, but trust me when I tell you that these handwoven scarves are exceptional. I knew even as I was weaving which one Margaret would like best, and I was right – she picked the plaid. Me? I’m IN LOVE with the scarf on the right. It’s sooooo rich looking.

Have you waited long enough to see them? Ok, here you go.
3 handwoven rayon scarves

All woven on the same warp – threaded in Ms & Ws on my four-harness counterbalance loom. Does the picture make sense to you non-weavers, or should I try another way next time?
Ms & Ws threading

The scarf on the far left and far right were treadled in the same Ms & Ws pattern with a solid color weft. The burgundy looks so much richer! The plaid is very nice and classic in a tabby weave (over 1 thread, under 1 thread). All of them are colors that you will actually find on trees, making them work well with most skin tones.

Your turn: do you fall in love with your creative efforts?

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