The Best Wedding Ever!

My lovely daughter Amanda and her sweetheart Ryan got married in May. It was the best wedding ever! (No, I’m not at all prejudiced. It’s true.)

They had a very simple, sometimes humorous, delightful ceremony at the zoo on Friday night.

On Sunday they had a terrific, delicious, beautiful party in their backyard. Amanda & […]

Royal Purple Handwoven Cashmere

I finished weaving another warp of three cashmere & silk scarves. I’m so glad I discovered the trick of preparing the warp so I can do three at a time without pulling out my hair!

This time I wanted to try a woven lace pattern that was a bit more complex, requiring me to use […]

Silver Linings Handwoven Scarves

My next completed weaving project — handwoven rayon scarves made with hand painted yarn.

I really like the pastel lavender, green, and cream in this color blend. The Tencel rayon is nice and soft, a perfect fiber for the soft colors in these scarves. I wove two of them with columns of huck lace […]

Russian Sage

Russian sage wasn’t the easiest thing to grow in my garden. No idea why, but it stood still for years before it finally decided to amount to something. I like it for its late summer color and its wispiness. It’s also a favorite of bees – generally big bumblebees this year. I haven’t paid […]

Handwoven Scarves Ocean Waves

I’ve been working up all that great hand painted yarn, and I really love the tencel ocean waves.

I must say I did get one surprise from these handwoven scarves. I almost always prefer the twill patterns I create, but this time I prefer the tabby.

For some reason I think the colors do […]