Can’t Wait To Weave

While I still must have my leg elevated most of the day, I figured that doesn’t mean I can’t weave at all. Particularly on my wonderful counterbalance loom, I do the majority of my weaving with my right foot, and can do all if it with my right foot if need be.

So I […]

Hand Painted Yarn

I love to use hand painted yarn in my weaving. I purchase virtually all of it from the talented Tammy of Yarntopia Treasures. Tammy’s color sense, the way she blends colors that coordinate and contrast in her yarns, really appeals to me.

While I’ve been recuperating, I’ve managed to set myself up so I can […]

Victorian Beaded Ornaments

Yes, I’m recovering from surgery. Yes, I’ve been keeping that leg elevated. But I’m way too obsessive to simply sit and watch the crap on TV. Sure I’ve got books I could read, I even went to the library in advance and got a few more in case the unread ones by my bed didn’t […]

Handwoven on a Rigid Heddle

Although I do all my weaving at home on a floor loom (usually my delightful, handmade, 4-harness counterbalance), I really like to bring my LeClerc rigid heddle loom to shows to demonstrate the weaving process. Lots of people like to watch me weave, and when I’m doing a plain weave, I can get kids involved […]

Curse Of The Mummy

When I was little, my older sister loved to scare the heck out of me by watching the Friday Night Fright Night movies on TV when she was babysitting me. I was too scared to go upstairs to bed, and too scared to stay downstairs and watch them with her. Downstairs pretty much always won, […]