Curse Of The Mummy

wrapped legWhen I was little, my older sister loved to scare the heck out of me by watching the Friday Night Fright Night movies on TV when she was babysitting me. I was too scared to go upstairs to bed, and too scared to stay downstairs and watch them with her. Downstairs pretty much always won, but not happily. I remember bits and pieces of various movies that I found amazingly frightening, from Mothra to Frankenstein and The Mummy. They’re all pretty laughable now, but they sure weren’t at the time.

It’s probably a good thing that my leg didn’t get wrapped up like this back then!

I had surgery on Monday. Just outpatient and not a big deal, but you’d never know that from the looks of the bandage. Had to have what they thought was a cyst but turned out to be a fatty tumor removed from near my knee.

Fatty tumor. Could there be a less desirable term? Fatty – always a good name for something, don’t you think? Tumor – who doesn’t immediately think of cancer when you hear that word? In fact, fatty tumors are virtually never cancerous, and are fairly common among people of a certain age, but yuck – bad name! It’s official name, lipoma, isn’t any better. Let’s re-brand this thing, folks. How about calling it a marbled knob – that doesn’t have all those negative connotations.

Anyway, I have to keep it elevated and iced for the next several days, so won’t be at my warping board or loom, but do have some finished pieces I haven’t posted yet, so watch for them in the next several days. On the up side, this down time will give me the ideal opportunity to get back into the habit of regular blog posting.

Your turn – got any terms, medical or otherwise, you’d like to change?

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  • Judy

    Sounds like you had a really mean older sister for scaring you like that. I bet she ended up just as scared as you were but never wanted to admit it. I agree – “marbled knob” sounds much cooler – please submit it for an official vote and we promise to gather votes for you. Hope you feel better every day.

  • How about “Austrian Dueling Scar?” True, it might be a bit unusual to have a dueling scar on one’s knee but, that’s the other fellow’s fault. He aimed low.

  • It’s time to bring these babies back from obscurity!

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