Night Fire

FireI am far from being a fire bug. I’ve gotten quite good over the years at building fires in my wood stove and burning them in such a way that my house is warm but not too hot, and my chimney stays clean.

But fires outside? Bonfires? I never make them. If someone else makes one, though, I do love to watch them. Generally after the huge flames settle down. The shifting colors and patterns beguile me, set my mind free, put me in a sort of a Zen place.

This particular photo pleases me. It manages to capture the balance between the out-of-control nature of fire that scares me and the beauty of a controlled fire.

I’ve posted this photo as a response to the challenge of the week – orange. I fell out of the mode of responding for a while, I hope I’m back. Visit Carmi’s site to see his weekly challenge and enjoy his particular insights. And be sure to visit his other responders, too!

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